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Keltron's engineers design our systems and components for long life and dependability but with the understanding that new technologies eventually render old ones obsolete and ineffective. Keltron's Technical Support Department determines the parameters for our support or non-support of our legacy systems and components and institutes an end of life phase out period.

Products that have exceeded this phase out period will not be supported as follows:

No telephone technical support

No board repair

No system module repair

Boards/parts are only available until current inventory is depleted

A system upgrade may be available

Keltron legacy systems and components that are no longer supported

DM/DMP800 printers
DM/DMP900 printers
Printers identified with model numbers below 600
DM921, DM922, and DM923 coded transmitters
DM600 and DM700 systems
PC SIRS systems
DEC-based SIRS systems
DMP701RE serial systems
DMP701 parallel systems
701 Series - processors, AMUs, VDM-P, and AMU-Ps
SI/O7 receiving modules
DM100 decoders
DMP100 decoders
DMP200 series decoders
DM738 series power supplies
RF750L transceivers

Discontinued printed circuit boards/cards

95K3002 modified SESCOA LCU DACR line card
95M2331 nest control card
95M2332 phone line interface card
95M2334 subscriber card
95M2335 ATS processor interface card
95M2336 Sonalert display
95M2337 AMU clock display
95M2338 motherboard
95M2349 4-digit display
95M2350 ATS communications card
95M2351 RP nest control board 100 Zone
95M2352 RP telephone board 25 Zone
95M2354 RP nest subscriber 10 Zone
95M2366 processor card
95M2367 communication message board DMP701RE
95M2368 communication interface DMP701RE
95M2369 SER proc motherboard DMP701RE
95M2414 processor card
95M2498 modem
95M2498-1 modem
95M2514 communications card
95M2540 multi-level nest control card 100 Zone 95M2540-1 multi-level nest control card 100 Zone
95M2541 multi-level nest subscriber board 10 Zone
95M2542 multi-level nest line interface board 25 Zone
95M2597 parallel CPU interface card
95M2656 dot matrix control board AMU/P
95M2672 line compensation card
95M2705 5ΒΌ F/B LED display board
95M2708 clock display
95M2714 telco interface card
95M2725 relay card
95M2726 12V DC converter for 2755
95M2755 CPU board for DMP701 Systems
95M2791 CPU card with 16K PROM DA 100
95M2791-1 CPU card with 32K PROM DA 103
95M2791-2 CPU assembly with 2, 32K PROMS VDM/P, DMP200
95M2802 DMP solenoid driver VDM/P, DMP200
95M2819 printer & keyboard interface board VDM/P, DMP200
95M2842 VDM-P interface to 25 pair communications cable
95M2847 32K EPROM with 1K RAM PC assembly VDM/P, DMP200
95M2971 SI/O7 card
95V875A PC assembly, R/B, power supply 875 AMU/P

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