Press Releases

Purchase of Keltron to Enhance Life Safety Event Management Solutions
Owners of Valcom Purchase Keltron to Combine Life Safety Event Management and Emergency Communication Systems

Keltron Earns ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Quality Management System Ensures Highest Standards of Operation

Keltron LS 7000 Life Safety Event Management System
Summer 2016 Release of V5.0.10 Software with Wide Range of New Features

Keltron Active Network Radio System Earns JF-12 Certification
Extends Alarm Signaling Communications Infrastructure in U.S. Military Projects

Keltron Corporation Appoints a New President
Mark Brandstein Brings Leadership and Industry Experience to Enable Company Expansion

Introducing the Keltron LS CSR Ethernet Alarm Receiver
Enables Cost-Effective Migration from Telephone to Ethernet (IP) Signaling

Keltron Ethernet Signaling System Receives UL Listing
Enables Fast, Dependable Alarm Signaling Leveraging Ethernet Infrastructure

Valcom, Inc. and Keltron Corporation Converge Technologies For A Total Life Safety Communications System
End-To-End Solution for Campus and Facility Life Safety Communications

Keltron Corporation introduces the Keltron Solid State Master Box
Enables transmission of multiple signals, improves alarm response, withstands severe climate

Announcing Keltron LS 7000 Life Safety Event Management System V 4.0 Software
Enhances Complex and Redundant Systems, Operator/Programmer Use and History Reporting

Keltron Corporation Founder and President Announces Retirement
Harvey Fox Led Company Engineering Development into 21st Century

City of Philadelphia Chooses Keltron LS 7000
Enables Pinpoint Monitoring of City Fire Alarms and Future Expansion

Keltron Introduces the LS Net Ethernet Alarm Transceiver
Expands Suite of Life Safety Event Management Solutions to Include Ethernet Monitoring

Announcing Keltron LS 7000 Life Safety Event Management System V 3.0 Software
Expands Functionality with Programmable Event Segregation and Ethernet Transceiver Support

Lake Forest Public Safety Department Chooses Keltron LS 7000
Combines with Keltron Active Network Radio System to Provide Optimum Response

George Mason University Chooses Keltron LS 7000
Solution Provides Speed and Rapid Response Through Fast, Accurate Access

Keltron Introduces LS 7000 Life Safety Event Management System
Expands Customer-Proven Alarm Monitoring Solutions With Total Event Management

Keltron Introduces SDACT Serial Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter
Enables FACPs to Send Point-Specific Event Data Via POTS Lines

Cost-Effective CEC Custom Electronic Controls Annunciator
Option Enables Multiple Applications

Keltron Introduces DataTap™ Universal FACP Serial Interface
Provides Point-Specific Life Safety Event Data via Keltron Active Radio Network