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The Keltron 80 Series Printer is a panel-mountable, 24, 40, or 42-column, dot matrix printer. It provides a hard copy record of critical processes and can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Typical industrial applications include logging temperature, pressure, frequency, power and other process parameters.

How 80 Series works
Keltron's 80 Series printer is microprocessor programmed to print the full 256 character upper and lower case ASCII set including symbols. ASCII control characters are used to format the output data or to access the dot addressable graphics. Characters are formed in a 5x7 dot matrix on 2.25" wide plain paper roll. Double height characters can be integrated on the same line with normal characters. The single color ribbon cartridge can be easily replaced from the front panel.

80 Series features
80 Series printers incorporate many unique features such as a software driven clock/calendar with timer plus event and line counters. The battery backed hardware option with 8K character buffer ensures storage of all operational parameters in the event of power interruption and eliminates the need to reset time, date or other parameters.

Time and date stamp

Membrane switch front panel

Dot addressable graphics

Multiple power input options

Two print speeds available

Dipswitch-selectable printer functions

Built-in 8K RAM buffer

MTBF (mean time before failure) of 500,000-700,000 lines

RS232C, RS422, RS485, 20mA current loop or Centronics compatible interface

Full 256 character ASCII Set

Available in kit form for OEM assemblies

Available with 4" deep vertical mount "space saver" configurations

Optional battery backup for clock and 8K RAM

Optional paper take-up

Rugged metal exterior

Ensures accuracy
Reliable data storage
Flexible configurability

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