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The Keltron TLC Compact Printer is a panel mountable, 24 - 64 column, software-switchable thermal printer. It provides a hard copy record of critical processes and is useful in industrial and commercial applications where small size and low costs are important considerations.

TLC Series benefits
TLC Series printers are unusually compact - only 4.8 inches deep - yet they offer a comprehensive list of standard features. Paper is replaced through front panel access without separation of either power or signal connections. Since no connections are made or broken, there is reduced wear on the connectors and paper loading is quick and easy. The TLC Series is available in a variety of power and communications interface configurations.

TLC Series features
A full 256 character ASCII set, self test on power up and choice of character font are just a few of the many standard features in this unusually compact and highly reliable printer including:

Time and date stamp

Built-in interval timer - 15 preset interval options

Battery back up

Compact size - only 4.88" deep

Software-selectable column widths 24-64

Line counter

1.5 lines per second print speed

15-pound thermal paper

Serial RS232C interface

Standard 2K character buffer

Front access for easy paper replacement while on

Membrane switch front panels - no protruding hardware

Multiple power input options

2.5" depth models available w/ or w/out paper take-up

Compact Size
Ease of Use
Low Cost

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