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Knowing that the products we manufacture save lives and property, Keltron's organizational culture is completely focused on delivering solutions that perform with speed, accuracy and dependability.

Keltron Corporation offers a wide range of solutions to meet the individual needs of the customer. We provide products that can be supported, upgraded and maintained within ever-changing business environments.

Many of Keltron's managers have risen through the ranks over many years, and the depth and wealth of knowledge they offer is truly unique in today's market. Factory and sales support staff bring years of experience in original product design, technical competency and industry requirements.

We offer expert technical support, a solid inventory of replacement parts, technical training and when needed, on-site field support for our dealers and customers. Everyone at Keltron - from the technicians to the office managers to the engineers - is committed to ensuring the best customer service possible.

Telephone: 781-894-8710 x2077

"I'd like to express my gratitude to Keltron for the excellent support we were given at the Woodbridge Developmental Center. The system is up and running thanks to the help we were given. Beyond his obvious technical competency, Steve's helpful attitude was a pleasure."

John Ventrella
Systems Sales Corporation

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