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Keltron's life safety monitoring systems and equipment meet or exceed the requirements and standards of industry regulation organizations such as Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Active Network Radio Signaling Listing and Code Compliance

Listed by Underwriters Laboratories:

864 - Control units for protective signaling systems

1610 - Central station burglar alarm units

365 - Police station connected burglar alarm units

609 - Local burglar alarm systems and units

827 - Central station alarm services - AA high line

681 - Burglar and hold up systems

2050 - National industrial security systems for protection of classified materials

To review Keltron's UL listing sheets, click here and fill in the company name box with Keltron Corp.

Meets NFPA 72C National Fire Code:

Local fire protective signaling systems - protected premises fire alarm systems for local system requiring remote monitoring

Remote station protective signaling systems

Central station protective signaling systems

Proprietary protective signaling systems

Meets NFPA one-way RF multiplex type 6

Meets the requirements of:

California State Fire Marshall

New York City Fire Department MEA

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