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Keltron's Serial Digital Alarm Communicator or Keltron Fire Dialer™ is a UL-listed, unique solution that interfaces with fire alarm control panels (FACPs) and enables an appropriate and instantaneous response from personnel at a life safety event-monitoring center.

Keltron Fire Dialer provides a remedy for today's FACPs that cannot report point-specific and critical fire alarm information to an on- or off-site central station-style digital receiver through the dial-up public switched telephone network or PSTN.

Keltron Fire Dialer Benefits

Enhances FACP Performance

Allows Point-Specific Fire Alarm Reporting

Enables Pinpoint Off-Site Annunciation

UL-listed and NFPA Compliant

Keltron Fire Dialer features
The Keltron Fire Dialer is comprised of a powerful microprocessor, an ASCII data-to-SIA converter and a four-zone digital communicator. This unique communicator includes both four hardwired zone inputs and an RS232 serial port.

Primary alarm reporting is accomplished with the EOL-resistor supervised zone inputs by monitoring the alarm, trouble, and optionally the water flow and supervisory output contacts from the FACP

The RS232 port adds detector-specific reporting of all available supplemental information that enables accurate monitoring of event status, panel status, and fire progression

Transmits signals in industry standard SIA format

Test code call-in cycles are programmable and both normal and off-normal condition test codes are transmitted as appropriate. A manual test button is also included

Provides a programming utility that requires only a PC or laptop with serial port and a cable.

The RS232 port is personality-matched to the intended data source through a software interface. When the receiving FACP can support it, this may include communications supervision and interruption reporting

Additional inputs are available for loss of ac and battery fail indications that are also reported using standard SIA event codes

Local LEDs and audible devices clearly indicate Keltron Fire Dialer status

General alarm and general trouble relay outputs annunciate alarm and trouble events as received

Real time clock time stamps all alarm transmission


The Keltron Fire Dialer serial digital alarm communicator transmitter is UL-listed and NFPA-compliant

Learn more about how Keltron's new Keltron Fire Dialer works.

Download the data sheet >

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