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Life Safety Alarm Monitoring Systems

High performance with direct contact
When the progress of fire is measured in seconds, saving minutes can mean saving lives. Keltron's life safety event monitoring systems are located closest to the response team - right inside the fire or security station. Operator response is fast, decisive and accurate, saving minutes - saving lives.

Flexibility with universal interface capability
Keltron's unique solutions provide unparalleled flexibility, capable of monitoring the widest range of municipal and proprietary life safety environments. Our systems readily consolidate old and new components from different manufacturers such as reverse polarity, end-of-line resistors, tones, coded alarms, digital dialers, radio inputs, and distributed multiplex into a single, easy-to-use system. Organizations benefit from increased functionality and performance with the added value of saving on capital expenses.

Reliability through powerful computing
Proven in thousands of installations, Keltron's alarm monitoring systems have demonstrated long-term reliability since 1967. Continuous supervised monitoring, PC-based touch screen displays, optional output relays, tones transmitters, multiplexed inputs, wireless networking, and event history recording are just a few of the features that enable the fastest, most dependable alarm monitoring available today.

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