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Keltron offers IntelliTAP, a fast, secure and reliable method of linking digital alarm communicator transmitters (DACTs) with the Keltron active network radio signaling system. The IntelliTAP monitors the DACT, and by simulating a digital receiver, receives the data, acknowledges the DACT, and forwards the alarm signal via the Keltron active radio network to the central station.


Reliable - eliminates telephone relay intercepts that can fail or jam

Immediate - enables DACT connection to faster, more reliable active radio network


Mounts conveniently inside the Keltron RF774F and Keltron RF778F wireless transceivers

Compatible with popular formats including 3+1, 4+1, 4+2, 10 or 20 pps, and contact ID

Connects through RS-232 data link to Keltron active network radio system subscriber units

Transmits and receives with or without a telephone line

Telephone line cut monitoring, with adjustable 1, 2 or 3-minute delay

Phone line simulator available for DACTs that do not blind dial

To learn more about IntelliTAP download the data sheet >

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