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This software utility for the Keltron active network radio signaling system is a powerful tool for programming remote subscriber transceivers. It maintains databases for network operations and serves as a window for observing data traffic on the network.

What it does

Retrieves data from subscriber transceivers to update the program database with all transceiver parameters

Tests the subscriber transceiver, and records the message routing

Polls remote subscriber transceivers to determine their status and routing tables

Enables check-in time remote programming, zone configuration, remote reset, and deactivation and reactivation of subscriber transceivers

Enables remote programming of timing parameters such as the delay between consecutive events, loop response (de-bounce), radio packet life, and acknowledge-delay fault output

Enables remote time and date setting

Sends text messages to and from subscriber transceivers that are equipped with data terminals or printers to aid the installation of remote subscriber transceivers

Stores multiple routes to the central receiver and stores routing information in a local database for review and evaluation

Directs subscriber transceiver to transmit using a stored route or an administrator defined route with up to eight hops, substantially aiding network troubleshooting


Three network quality-measuring instruments available to the network administrator: NETCON (network connectivity), Link Layer and signal quality. These tools allow a network administrator to evaluate the network on a continual and dynamic basis. The network administrator can then make appropriate changes as necessary in the network to insure maximum uptime and reliability.

The software may be password-protected and provisions for backing up and restoring the databases are included as well.

In non-UL-listed systems, remote relay control at the subscriber transceivers may be accomplished.

The NET7K software utility is DOS-based and will run on any 486+ PC running DOS 6.22 or higher.

For more information download the data sheet >

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