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Keltron's PET404 and PET408 are two of a series of distributed-multiplex, addressable transceivers that provide a low cost and reliable method of protecting a wide range of proprietary, commercial, and industrial buildings and complexes.

The PET404 with four and PET408 with eight inputs are especially appropriate for use in campus environments and industrial complexes. A system combining multiple PET modules can provide monitoring for up to 2048 contact points across long distances.


Reliability - high-performance error-detection during serial, multiplexed signal transmission

Low cost - monitors multiple FACPs with a cost saving wiring flexibility

Flexibility - compatible with any FACP or device with relay outputs

Scalability - system of multiple PET modules can monitor thousands of contact points


Compact and easy to install

Distributed-multiplex operation includes individually addressable inputs

Contains two independent RS485 ports that each regenerate and retransmit signals

Enables branching to minimize wiring and allow miles of distance capability

Full RS485 signaling circuit capability

Uses balanced line RS485 communication between modules and the central monitoring host

Includes two independent ports for NFPA 72 signaling line circuit classes A or B to style 7

Contains 4 or 8 inputs per module - EOL resistor-supervised

Unique 3-resistor monitoring enables monitoring of up to five conditions per input

Input stage hardware plus special software filter out spurious signals

Wide range low power input - 10.8-25V at 40mA

Runs from FACP power with no compromise of ground fault detection

Runs from FACP power while maintaining isolation from separate FACPs on the wiring scheme

Enclosure may include optional tamper switch whose condition is reported to the host

PET404/408 Specifications >

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Operates in conjunction with UL-listed Keltron DMP703-704 systems which can monitor over 500 PETs

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