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Keltron's extensive experience in alarm monitoring and receiving systems enabled our development of a unique radio life safety monitoring system that is fast, scalable, reliable and cost-effective. It enables instantaneous emergency response capability for any size facility or municipality, with better supervision than digital alarm transmitters (DACT) provide.

Keltron's RF7500 is the controller for the two-way radio-based alarm and data transport system - the central control location for all life safety events and responses. The system's smart transceivers dynamically adapt themselves to changes in the network, continually optimizing the system. Unique technology ensures that reliable communication paths are always available and even overlaid networks do not conflict. The receiver acknowledges all transmissions ensuring that the message was received and decoded correctly.


High performance - dynamic, self-routing and healing network ensures instant monitoring

High ROI - eliminates monthly telephone line costs and reduces service calls

Reliability - retries and sophisticated error checking protocols ensure reliable data delivery

Versatility - provides long range private radio network

RF7500 Radio network controller features

Controls two-way radio-based alarm and data transport

Preserves all programmability, account supervision, reporting, output controls and compatibility

Supports multiple configurations for size and redundancy

UL-listed for fire alarm systems

    Central station

    Remote station

    Proprietary supervising station

Easy-to-use interface facilitates operation

Provides extensive status information to the technician or installer

Active or Standby mode switch

Self-routing and healing

Redundant paths

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The RF7500/DMP703 combination carries a unique UL-listing as a proprietary supervising station fire alarm system and is also listed for remote supervising station service per UL864.

The system complies with NFPA 72 - 1999 Ch. 5, supervising station fire alarm systems and Ch. 6, public fire alarm reporting systems.

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