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Still in use throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions, the municipal loop fire alarm system has long provided a means for transmitting fire alarms to the fire department from a protected building or facility.

The Keltron SSMB is an NFPA 72-compliant, FM-approved electronic coded transmitter for use on telegraphic fire alarm reporting systems. It is designed and manufactured using components that are known for their reliability and for being able to withstand temperature extremes and severe climate conditions such as lightning strikes.

The major benefit of the Keltron master box is that by monitoring multiple outputs from an existing fire panel and allowing the transmission of multiple signals, it enables the fire department to receive alarms by zone and to differentiate among alarms, troubles, or supervisory signals. Depending on how it is configured, the Keltron SSMB can also provide more specific information about the location and type of detector. This capability increases the first responders’ knowledge of the exact nature or specific location of the incident, improving the accuracy of the department’s response.

Keltron Solid State Master Box features include:

Field-programmable functions using desktop/laptop with standard 9-pin straight through cable, or using onboard rotary switches

Eight programmable input zones and eight respective zone relays

Local energy trip input

Adjustable code timing from 1/8 to 2.5 seconds in 1/16-second increments

Computer diagnostics

Fail-safe trouble relay is normally energized; any trouble condition will de-energize the relay causing status change

Municipal or summoning loop operation options

To learn more about the Keltron SSMB download the data sheet >

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