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Keltron's SSP-4 solid-state Form Four fire alarm panel enables reliable control of coded type alarm systems by providing power and supervision for the coded signal loop between fire alarm boxes. Incorporated into the design are alarm and fault detection circuitry, audible and visual indicators, and switchable digital meters. The unit is small and compact, designed to mount in nineteen-inch equipment racks and consoles.

The SSP-4 consists of a mainframe assembly, common printed circuit monitor cards, a back plane, and up to ten modular plug-in alarm or box circuits. Four types of plug-in circuit cards are available: type A, type B, alarm, and monitor. These cards may be configured in any combination without the need of rewiring the main frame. SSP-4 features include:

Individual circuit timers for low current and auto-ground

Individual circuit indicator for open circuit, low current auto-ground and repeater off

Full supervision of all box and alarm circuits

High efficiency DC-to-DC converters, four switch selectable output voltages

Automatically conditions circuits to receive signal through ground return

Full supervision of station functions

Digital voltage and current meters

Compact size

Ease of installation, troubleshooting and maintenance

Capability of increased circuit capacity

High efficiency, low input, low internal heat dissipation

Low cost of ownership

Specifications for Keltron's SSP-4 may be found on the data sheet >

The SSP-4 meets or exceeds all of the requirements set forth in NFPA Pamphlet 73 and 1221.

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