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Keltron's PLM703 is a universal FACP (fire alarm control panel) monitoring system that enables an operator on a college campus, industrial complex or other multi-building facility to centrally and instantly monitor the status of every FACP throughout the complex.

The PLM703 operates using the distributed multiplex method of signaling, characterized by the sequential transmission and reception of multiple alarm signals over a single communication channel.

This arrangement minimizes wiring installation, maintenance, and related operating costs which often represent a significant portion of the total alarm system costs. The system simultaneously monitors multiple types of inputs to provide a cost-effective, clear migration path to newer technologies and additional functionality.


Flexibility - interfaces with any combination and number of FACPs

Cost effective - facilitates phased upgrade transition using legacy systems to minimize costs

Scalability - distributed multiplex modules enable monitoring of large networks of FACPs

Reliability - based on Keltron's field proven flagship DMP703 alarm monitoring system

Versatility - systems simultaneously monitor multiple types of inputs

The PLM703 provides the unique ability to monitor the serial ports of intelligent and addressable FACPs from a multitude of different manufacturers and provide point addressable annunciation. This feature-rich system includes:

UL-listed proprietary supervising station fire alarm system

Universal FACP compatibility

Full Class A style 7 SLC performance

Easy installation with simplified wiring, using existing phone pairs

Supports up to 512 PETs (Partyline Event Transceivers)

Fiber optic compatibility

Multiplex wiring provides isolation and high noise rejection

RS485 distributed-multiplex wiring communicates with addressable transceivers

Automatic arming and disarming for security points

Simple operator interface and one-touch operation

Event-specific response instructions

Easily modified, programmable message database

Optional history file for report generation and archiving

Group trouble acknowledgement enables focus on high priority events

Test mode option ensures event viability

Red/black printer provides hard copy records of all received events

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