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Keltron wireless transceivers, part of the Keltron Active Network Radio System, provide two-way alarm transmission from monitored locations to a central receiving station. Replacing expensive and unreliable telephone lines, active network radio is a self-routing and self-healing solution that ensures instant life safety event monitoring over a wide geographic area.

Designed for use in campus facilities, residential, commercial, and industrial complexes or municipal environments, each transceiver serves as both a transceiver and a repeater to improve the strength and range of the entire network. The two-way transceiver provides high integrity communications that ensure every signal is authenticated and acknowledged.


High performance - delivers messages in less than two seconds - faster than any other method

Cost effective - case-mount antenna, easy installation reduces expense, eliminates monthly telephone charges

Scalable - multiple routing enables wide range mesh network with high capacity growth potential

Reliable - unique store-and-forward technology eliminates signal loss

Efficient - seeks best and shortest route to central station and adapts accordingly to changes

Flexible - enables monitoring in environments without existing infrastructures

Keltron wireless transceivers are available in two UL 9th Edition listed for fire:

To review specifications of Keltron RF774F wireless transceiver, UL-listed for fire, download the data sheet >

To review specifications of Keltron RF778F wireless transceiver, UL-listed for fire, download the data sheet >



Keltron RF774F and Keltron RF778F wireless transceivers are UL-listed and NFPA-compliant

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